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Champagne Saucer 8oz (16 Glasses)

Price: 16.00 ex. VAT


  • 8oz capacity
  • 16 glasses per tray
  • Suitable for all Occasions


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The Champagne Saucer 8oz (16 glasses) or Coupe as it is also know is a decadent alternative to the champagne flute guaranteed to add a touch of vintage appeal to your event. Rumoured to have originated in the court or Louis XVI and  Marie Antoinette in trust it was designed in Great Britain some 100 years earlier especially for consumption of Sparkling Wine and Champagne

The wider bowl on the saucer  allow more aeration which in turn enhances the aroma of the drink, however this also results in the drink losing it’s fizz more quickly. The glass also has a tendency to be top heavy when full but don’t let this deter you as they are an iconic piece that can add a real touch of elegance when in use.

  • Supplied in a tray of 16 Glasses.
  • Please ensure used glasses are empty and turned upside down in the storage crates

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