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Table Hire

Are you looking to hire tables for your next event? Our tables come in a range of sizes and shapes. See our full range of tables below.

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Picnic Bench Set

38.00 ex. VAT

Cafe Bistro Table Round

10.00 ex. VAT

Cafe Bistro Table Square

10.00 ex. VAT

Grey Pavement Table

20.00 ex. VAT

8 Ft Round Table

40.00 ex. VAT

5 Ft Round Table Hire

10.00 ex. VAT

4 Ft Half Round Table

15.00 ex. VAT

3 Ft Round Table

7.50 ex. VAT

4 Ft Round Table Hire

8.50 ex. VAT

4 Ft Serpentine Table Section

14.00 ex. VAT

6 Ft Round Table

12.00 ex. VAT

8 FT Bench

14.00 ex. VAT

Childrens Wooden Picnic Bench

12.00 ex. VAT

Gold Twist Coffee Table

100.00 ex. VAT

Classic Pod Linen – Black

22.00 ex. VAT

Classic Pod Linen – Red

22.00 ex. VAT

5.00 ex. VAT

Extension Legs

9.00 ex. VAT

Glass and Chrome Coffee Table

60.00 ex. VAT

High Pod Table

11.00 ex. VAT