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Event Acccessories

We hire a range of accessories for your upcoming event. Our accessories include products such as centerpieces, clothing rails, hangers, mirrors, red carpets, patio heaters and much more.

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Bean Bag Turquoise (XXL)

45.00 ex. VAT

Cut to measure Red Carpet

12.00 ex. VAT

Pyramid Patio Heater

99.00 ex. VAT

Patio Heater With Free Gas

95.00 ex. VAT

Electric Patio Heater Hire

75.00 ex. VAT

Portable Hand Wash Sink

95.00 ex. VAT

Silver Throne – Single

150.00 ex. VAT

Silver Throne Pair

275.00 ex. VAT

32 Inch Flat Screen TV / Monitor

70.00 ex. VAT

6 Ft Bamboo Plant

35.00 ex. VAT

6 Ft Candelabra 5 Arm Silver

65.00 ex. VAT

8 ft Mahogany Flag Pole

25.00 ex. VAT

Bay Tree Artificial

55.00 ex. VAT

Black Carpet 6 Metre

90.00 ex. VAT

Bubble Machine

30.00 ex. VAT

Chrome Coat / Hat Stand

20.00 ex. VAT

Chrome Touch Bin

19.00 ex. VAT

Coat Rail Black 6ft Long

10.00 ex. VAT

Coat Rail Chrome 6ft Long

24.95 ex. VAT

Cushion Hire