How Can Hiring Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

Many readers will be aware of the value and convenience that can be achieved by renting event accessories for a party, dinner or corporate knees up, but have you even considered the positive environmental impact of hiring?


Slow consumption

Tables and chairs use large amounts of wood and natural resources in their manufacturing, by renting rather than purchasing these items you are decreasing the aggregate level of demand for a finite natural resource, in short you are slowing down the consumption of a valuable natural resource.


Reduce Waste and Energy

For advocates of low waste lifestyles and the sharing economy rental of furniture and event accessories has become the norm of the last few years. Your local hire firm will deliver (if requested set up) and subsequently remove the hire items from your home, this allows much more efficient use of the existing storage space in your house or apartment. Indeed, the local hire company will purchase their stock specifically with storage and transport in mind so the overall energy devoted to light, heat and maintenance of the products and subsequent environmental impact is greatly reduced.

Another area for energy saving is on laundry, all of our linen is reusable but requires laundering after each and every use. We minimise our carbon footprint by utilising commercial and industrial providers who spread their energy resources at a volume not possible in a domestic environment.


Save on emissions associated with transport


One of the more obvious environmental benefits of hiring is the elimination of packaging in transit. Budget Event Hire use only reusable crates, cases and trolleys when transporting our stock.

As the transport journey taken is generally a local one from our depot to the clients location the emissions associated with transport of the goods is reduced massively when compared with Air or Sea freight emissions of a once off purchase. As our country is a small and open economy we rely heavily on imports so there is a high probability that your Glasses, Linen or Furniture will be transported thousands of Kilometres by Sea and by Air.


As is so often the case, a sustainable choice does not have to be the more expensive option. Please browse our website or call us on 01 2897000 to discuss your individual event requirements.

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