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Folding Chair Blue

Price: 1.75 ex. VAT

Our Folding Chair is easily the most popular customer choice. Lightweight, comfortable and budget-friendly, it is also easy to stack and available in a variety of colours. Made in a robust and durable plastic with a sturdy, steel frame, the collapsible Folding Chair is an ideal option for any event, inside or outdoors and can be stacked, making them the perfect space saver.

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Our Folding chair hire is the most affordable and adaptable chair in our entire range. It’s lightweight, comfortable, easy to stack and very budget-friendly. This chair is also available in a variety of colours such as blue, Burgundy, Brown or Black so is an ideal option of any event indoors or outdoors.


Folding chairs are the perfect solution if space or budget are limited. Simply fold the down and stack them against each other in a storage room or against a wall. They can then be easily transported where you need them and quickly unfolded ready for use.

Height – 81 cm / 32″
Width – 45 cm / 18″
Depth – 44 cm / 17″

Seat Height – 45 cm  / 18″

Flexible Delivery and Collection

Our hire term is for three working days, i.e a transport day, an in use day and another transport day, extended hires must be agreed and quoted in advance. We understand your hire needs may change rapidly, so we offer same day delivery, 6 days a week. You can even add to your order during your hire period, call now to find out more on 012897000 or email

Transport Charges

The transport charges are between €50 and €70 in Dublin areas. Transportation quotes for areas outside Dublin will be provided on a job-by-job basis.

See more information in our Terms & Conditions.